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Welcome to Twin Oaks Antiques
We are a single owner shop with a large
inventory. All of our antiques come from old estates in Western Pennsylvania.​
Having been in business for 49 years, you can rely on our great customer service & knowledge. We carry a diversified selection of antiques with quality being our priority. The following pages show just a tiny sampling of the items we carry ---- such as early 19th & occasionally late 18th century furniture, pattern, cut, and Victorian art glass, early Staffordshire transferware -- to include historical Staffordshire, & other china made
 in England, Oriental porcelain, quilts, fine linens, jewelry, silver, stoneware, early prints, paintings & folk art   ---- to name a few.
 We are usually open during the week but phone calls ahead are encouraged just to be sure!  We no longer use the open flag as an indicator. Please drive through the drive & there will be a sign on  the door.Check the contact page
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Exhibiting at Intermediate League of Butler Antique Show --March 16,17 & 18,
Tanglewood, Lyndora, Pa.
Information on Pittsburgh Area Antique Site.
Endangered - killed for their ivory tusks.
Signed Steuben acid cut back  Stamford vase,
​perfect condition,
​Ivory, gazelles, 10 1/2 in. high.
One of two large
​ millstones available.
We also have an assortment of other smaller grind stones
We are constantly getting new merchandise
​ which does not get on the website.
​If you are looking for something special,
​please email
or call!​
Phone: 724 924 2909​​
12 in. high to top of handle Brushstroke
flow blue pitcher.
Beautiful form & perfect with
​excellent color
Please note, we do not
carry new items, we are
strictly an antique shop.
Thank you!​​​
Cabinet size 
French enamel
vase, perfect
lace maker's lamps - perfect
Small  Tiffany coffee set - pot, sugar & creamer. The pattern is 
the much sought after "Clover".
Perfect & circa 1900. ​​
2  - 9 in. Plates - Woods - 
19th Century - dark blue
" Falls of Montmorenci
Near Quebec"  Both perfect
Both execellent color!!